C.V. Axle
The torque output by the automobile engine is transmitted to the driving wheels through the auxiliary effect between the driving wheels and the ground, thereby generating the traction of the ground against the car and moving the car forward.
Outer C.V. Joint
Constant velocity universal joint support parts.
Inner C.V. Joint
Constant velocity joint capable of changing working angle and telescopic sliding motion.
Power Steering Rack
It is the most important part for the steering function of the car, and also an important guarantee for the safety of the car. By turning the steering wheel, the car transmits torque to the rack and pinion mechanism, thereby pushing the wheels to turn left or right.
Power Steering Pump
Components that help improve car performance and stability. It is mainly to assist the driver in adjusting the direction of the car, and to reduce the strength of the driver's steering wheel.
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