Jutai Auto Parts Co., Ltd. was founded in Taipei County, Taiwan (now renamed as New Taipei City) in 1977.It was one of the first companies in the Asia-Pacific region to produce constant velocity universal joints for automobiles. In 1992, it entered the Chinese inland market and established the company's first overseas production plant in the Shantou Special Economic Zone in Guangdong Province. Later, as the business expanded and the company grew stronger, and in order to develop diversified business in the enterprise field, the company created its own BIK , BDT series of auto parts brands, and in 1998, invested in the establishment of a car constant speed joint production base in Taizhou, Zhejiang, China, and in 2002, invested in the establishment of a Southeast Asian regional trade base in ASEAN Thailand, thereby gradually improving the formation of a one-based Taiwan, linkage Asia , Radiating the world, a modern multinational enterprise group that integrates Taiwan's research and development, inland production and overseas sales.
BIK and BDT series auto parts brands are all affiliated to Taiwan Jutai Enterprise Group, and their auto parts cover key components such as drive shafts, booster pumps, steering gears and other chassis of various models. Past products are mainly sold in the United States, Britain, Germany and France , Italy, Russia and other European and American markets and Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand and other more developed Asian countries and regions, is one of the brands with a complete range of products and a large market share in the sales and service market.

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