The inspection and warranty of the driveshaft varies for different types of drive vehicles.
1. For rear-wheel-drive vehicles, the drive shaft uses two joints with different speed joints. If a rattling sound is emitted when the clutch is released at the start of the release, or during rapid acceleration or rapid deceleration, it means that the joint with an inconstant speed needs to be replaced.
Another inspection method is to hold the drive shaft to the left and right under the car and shake it. If the rotation angle exceeds 45 degrees, it means that the gap of the joint of the constant velocity joint is too large and needs to be repaired.
2. The drive shaft of the front wheel drive vehicle uses a constant velocity universal joint, and the joint part is sealed with a rubber sleeve. The owner must always check the condition of the rubber sleeve. Because once broken, the sand and stone will run into the universal joint when driving, accelerating the wear and shortening the life.
It is easy to check whether the rubber sleeve is cracked: if extremely viscous oil is found near the rim and the engine floor, or there is a crackling sound when the steering wheel is pushed to the end while driving, it indicates that the joint of the universal joint is damaged and should be performed replace.
3. In addition, the owner should try to avoid hitting the steering wheel in situ, as this will cause the universal joint joint to shorten the life due to excessive load.
The transmission shaft of a car can be regarded as a power transmission tool. Without it, the operation of the car will be very difficult, or even impossible to run at all, so pay attention to inspection and maintenance in daily life.

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