Automotive transmission shaft is an important connecting component in automotive mechanical systems. Today we will introduce the working principle of automotive transmission shaft
Automotive transmission shafts are generally round parts that can be connected or assembled, and can be moved and rotated.Generally, they are made of alloy steel tubes that are light and resistant to torsion.In terms of composition, they are usually composed of shaft tubes, expansion sleeves and universal joints. Section composition. Automobile transmission shaft is a high-speed, less-supported rotating body. Its dynamic balance is very important. Generally, the transmission shaft must be tested for dynamic balance before leaving the factory, and adjusted on the balancing machine.
Automobile transmission shaft is an important part of transmitting power in automobile transmission system. It can transmit the engine's power to the wheels together with the gearbox and drive axle, so that the automobile generates driving force. Specially used automobile drive shafts are mainly used in tank trucks, refueling trucks, sprinkler trucks, sewage suction trucks, manure suction trucks, fire trucks, high-pressure cleaning trucks, road wreckers, aerial work trucks, garbage trucks and other vehicles.
Working principle of transmission shaft
Automotive transmission shafts work through the three important components of a shaft tube, an expansion sleeve, and a universal joint. The drive shaft is the shaft that can transmit power among the drive shafts of the universal transmission.For front-engine rear-wheel-drive vehicles, it transmits the rotation of the transmission to the shaft of the main reducer. It can be several sections, and The joints can be connected by universal joints, which are the key components on the drive shaft of the car, between the front axle half-shaft and the wheels that are responsible for both driving and steering.
The transmission shaft telescopic sleeve of the traditional structure is welded together with the spline sleeve and the flange fork, and the spline shaft is welded on the transmission shaft tube. The new type of transmission shaft changes the traditional structure, welding the spline sleeve and the transmission shaft tube into one body, and making the spline shaft and flange fork into one body.This type of transmission shaft adds a tube shape outside the flange spline shaft. A sealed protective sleeve is provided with two polyurethane rubber oil seals at the end of the protective sleeve.
Most of the bushings are made of copper, but there are also plastic bushings.The bushings are mostly placed in the shaft and the supporting structure, and they are very close to the supporting structure. Only the shaft can rotate on the bushing and be assembled. When the shaft and the shaft sleeve, a lubricant is added between the two to reduce the friction generated when the shaft rotates.

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